What we do

At the end of 2017, a joyful french published a video to ask for Wechat to come to France because he lived in China for already 8 years and he got so much used to it. The video was made for fun. But it is true that the e-commerce with millions of attractive products in Asia is excellent. Billions of people in China, Japan and Korea are creating new stuffs with funny ideas everyday. Then we got an idea.

Why don't we build an online store to sell good stuffs imported from great producers directly?

From this idea, we built our site. And this is the Comforty Selection Series.

On the other hand, when we are not big enough, we cannot keep big stock locally. To enrich our portfolio, we also build partnership with the known brands exist in EU and become their authorized reseller.

We believe, to sell stuffs we like and trust only will bring happiness to both our customers and ourselves.

Welcome to Comforty.store and happy shopping.